To-do list Apps are also called as task management Apps. To-do List Apps can be used for personal use as well as small group applications. You can keep track of activities efficiently with the help of a to-do list app. If you would like to manage your time in the best possible way, you should plan and implement the tasks in a systematic way. You can install the free version of To-do List App or upgrade to the premium paid version for advanced features.

Benefits of To-do List Apps

You create To-do List to remind yourself of the tasks that need to be finished. As you go through your list, you can organize them in a very efficient manner. Various tasks are prioritized, organize, and reschedule tasks as needs.

With a to-do list app, the execution of tasks can be done accordingly. You can create various kinds of lists to be accomplished on daily basis, weekly basis, monthly basis, and annual basis. By following the to-do list, you will be more productive.

Prominence of To-Do Apps

The to-do list apps offer great convenience. If you are accountable for certain tasks, your accountability can be fulfilled by using the mobile app. The app can be used to create, append, modify and delete lists. You can set reminders, notifications and alarms so that you can plan your resources to accomplish those tasks.

There are many free to-do apps in the market. A good app is a great tool to organize your work and life. You can plan various activities and complete them before the deadline. The family responsibilities, as well as workplace demands, can be met with the help of the best to-do app.

Instead of using books and papers, you can use the sophisticated mobile app. The data will be synchronized across various devices such as the smartphone, tablet and laptop. The lists can be shared with your family members, friends and partners so you all can collaborate to get all the tasks within a project done quickly.

Let’s go over 10 most popular to-do list tools on the market today:

  1. WeDo

WeDo: To-do List AppYou can add habit tracking and social media features to the app template. The app can be used by students to manage group projects in the best possible way. Most of the important features are offered free of cost. However, you will get access to special themes by going for a premium version. Even though the design is not highly sophisticated, it serves the education market very well. Professionals may opt for a polished paid version.

You can assign various day-to-day activities to WeDo so that you will forget less. You will not be stressed when you have the best mobile reminder app as a companion. The real-life management will be done in a very efficient way with the help of the app. By using the app, you can develop and create positive habits in a very efficient way. It is possible to realize both short-term and long-term goals with the help of the app. You can set reminders as well. The app will let you use built-in planner which serves the calendar and schedule functionality. You can create events and set reminders with the planner. Various kinds of tasks and events can be added with the simple and user-friendly interface.

You can manage homework, events and keep track of events with the help of the WeDo app. You can note down the due dates, reminders and attachments with the to-do app. The class schedule and homework can be tracked with the app. The homework, school and work responsibilities can be fulfilled in a very efficient manner with the help of the app.

You can discover interesting lists of famous people and you can keep track of your favorite movies or shows in theaters or Netflix. It is easy to prepare bills list with the WeDo app. You can make payments before the deadlines so that there will not be a penalty on your bills.

  1. Remember The Milk

Remember The Milk: To-do List AppThis is an Android app available on Google Play can be downloaded free. If you would like to access premium features, you can go for a paid subscription. The app supports collaboration and you can manage location-based reminders very easily. Even though the interface appears old, the app is sufficient enough to share tasks and lists with other group members. The free features of the app include accessing reminders on email, Instant Messenger, text, and Twitter. If you would like to work with capable features, you should go for the premium subscription.

You can share lists with your family members. Most of the features are available with the freemium model and special features are reserved for the Pro version. Push notifications for mobile phones and subtasks are available in the Pro version only. The subscription for Pro-account is $39.99 per year. The app will let you connect to the Gmail, Google Calendar, and Evernote.

The app does not have the latest design. However, it offers great functionality. You can use the app on many devices without any issues. Your to-do lists can be shared with two people. With the help of the Pro version, you can share the list with as many members as you want. If you go for Pro membership, you will be able to work in offline mode. As soon as you are connected to the internet, the information will be updated with your contacts.

This app will help you manage various tasks on a daily and weekly basis. You can manage lists, smart lists, and contacts effortlessly. The app allows you to sync with all of your computing devices. You can find the nearby tasks and you can plan to get them done in the best possible way. The organized and productive tool is used by millions of people from all over the world.

  1. Microsoft ToDo

Microsoft ToDo: To-do List App

It is a very simple to-do list management app. The app allows you to plan your day in the best way possible. You can prepare a list containing work, home, school or college. You can use the app to reduce your stress levels and to improve your productivity. The app is powered by highly efficient technology and it will empower you by performing tasks in a systematic way.

The most important tasks can be performed without any issues with the help of the to-do list. The app is available on Android phone, iPhone, and the web. You can import lists from other to-do list apps such as Wunderlist and Todoist. You can see and edit tasks through the web access and it is a convenient option. You can go through the To-Do preview if you use one of the Microsoft 365 Office suites which include Business Essentials, Business Premium, Enterprise E1, Enterprise E3 and Enterprise E5.

The traditional list and checkbox format are presented by the Microsoft. With the help of the icon, you can create new lists and tasks very easily. Notes, deadlines and reminders can be added in an effortless manner. You can identify a new list by applying a new theme or color. You can use your own images for easy identification as well. The smart type-ahead suggestions will help you fix due dates and reminders for tasks very easily.

This to-do list works well with intuitive appearance. The app has better features than the Wunderlist. Microsoft will add more new features in the coming days so that you will not want to depend upon other apps. Currently, the app is not yet available for Mac. You can make rules for your list organization. The sub-task options are implemented well by the app.

  1. To-do List App app is the best to-do app on the Android market. It has very simple yet powerful calendar outlook. Various kinds of personal and professional activities can be listed and managed in a very efficient way with the help of the app. The task list management is very powerful. It has life organizer, daily planner, share lists and assigns tasks. You can prepare a grocery list, shopping list and the activities can be planned and executed in a precise manner.

The app has perfect features to capture the thoughts of your mind and you will never forget an idea while your productivity increase. The app has a user-friendly interface. You will never miss a phone call or message by using the app. You can assign tasks for today, tomorrow, this week and much later with the help of the app.

The app can be installed very quickly and you can go through the walkthrough to understand the important features of the app. The task entry textbox is found on the home screen and you can apply voice inputs for your convenience.  You can sort tasks as per date, folder and priority. As soon as you enter a task, you can move it to an appropriate folder. The tasks are scheduled by tapping upon them. The small menu bar presents the Reminder, Priority, Folder, Notes and Share options.

The app can be used as a widget on the home screen. The widget can be customized to your needs. Each widget offers basic features such as typing and task management. The backup of the data will take place automatically. You can use the restore option to get back to the previously saved position. The app allows you to back up the data in the cloud. You can share tasks with your family members on Google Tasks with the help of Gmail.

  1. Todoist

Todoist: To-do List App

Todoist is one of the best to-do list apps. It can be installed on your mobile phone easily. The app has the multi-platform sync to meet your needs. You will like the clean and simple interface. And if you opt for the premium version, you will get access to productivity charts as well. It has high-quality task management tools.

The Todoist supports online collaboration so that the tasks can be completed precisely with the help of friends and family members. It has location-based reminders and offline functionality. Even though few useful features are not available for free users, it will help you manage most of the tasks very easily.

The app supports various kinds of platforms. The feature-rich task management app will let you make the most of your investment. Tasks and subtasks are available in the free app. However, tasks labels and reminders are presented in the premium paid version. With the help of the free account, you can manage 80 projects. It is easy to organize various tasks in an effortless manner. You can share a project with up to 5 people very easily.

As soon as you get the ideas, they can be captured with the help of your app. You can use recurring due dates to accomplish various tasks without fail. As the tasks and errands are assigned to other people, you will not have anxiety in implementing the to-do list. By using color-coded priority levels, various activities can be highlighted very easily.

You can go through the daily and weekly accomplishments by going through the customized productivity graphs. The app can be used by teams and small business groups as well.

  1. Asana

Asana: To-do List App

Asana is a well-designed mobile app and it can be used by individuals or teams to accomplish various tasks efficiently. The workflow and task management can be managed with the help of the mobile app. If you go for the free version, it will support up to 15 members.

The app will help you track the work and the results. The conversation, notifications will help you accomplish the work very easily from the start to the finish. You can add your work and update it on the go. As you create new projects various tasks can be allocated and organized to members. The comments can be posted on tasks from anywhere.

You can include due dates, details, followers, files, and assignees very easily with the help of the mobile app, Asana. It is possible to notify your team that the work has been completed. The announcements can be made very easily by using various kinds of communication channels in Asana. The information that you need can be found very easily by searching in the app.

You will get notifications in the inbox about various projects. New tasks, attachments, comments, and projects can be added free of cost. You can share the information with team members up to 15. Even though you are offline, you can track your work on Android. If you are looking for a good mobile app which can improve your personal as well as professional life, Asana is one of the best mobile apps as well.

Any updates will be sent to your inbox automatically. You can manage multiple workspaces, set goals, priorities, and due dates for your convenience. The user can create custom calendars and views efficiently. The app has been recognized as one of the top collaboration software products in the market.

  1. ActiveInbox

ActiveInbox: To-do List App

The tasks on your list are updated with your inbox in an effortlessly with the help of ActiveInbox. The app is ideal to accomplish various tasks very quickly and you will not go through the anxiety in accomplishing multiple activities. You will spend less time in managing emails and tasks as the ActiveInbox will help you perform various tasks in a systematic way.

The app will help professionals to accomplish various tasks on daily basis, weekly basis and monthly basis. Project managers, assistants, customer support, consultants and freelancers can use the app to manage their time and efforts in the best possible way. If you are working with multiple teams or clients, the app will be helpful in dealing with the contacts without any confusion.

With the help of the AcitveInbox, you can change your email account to a to-do list. As you change your emails into tasks, you will have an overview of the work progress. There are many email conversations that you will want to accomplish daily. It is hard to remember them and you can use the email as well as task management app to complete the job before the deadlines.

When you install AcitveInbox, it will change the appearance of your Gmail account. New buttons are placed in the inbox and the inbox will be pushed down the page. You can treat messages as tasks. However, the inbox will not compromise emails. There are various tasks that you can write as per your needs and these tasks are separate from the messages. The subtasks will be separate from messages. As you open an email message, you will get an option to include notes and subtasks. You can mark the task to be due on a certain day and it is possible to add priority rating as well.

When you install the AcitveInbox service, a window will be created and it will be displayed even though there are no tasks on the list.

  1. Gneo (for iPhone)

Gneo (for iPhone): To-do List App

Gneo is one of the best iPhone apps. The app has won the award in 2013 and it was featured on TechCrunch, Business Insider, MacWorld, and many more international platforms. The app will fix the gap in between task and calendar management. It has a simple and intuitive interface. The app is designed to serve the needs of iOS-enabled devices such as iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch.

You can prioritize to-do lists and it is possible to manage your schedule in the best possible way. With the help of the gesture-based design, you can focus on your work and there will not be any issues. It is possible to plan to-dos in between calendar appointments. The forecast view will merge the calendar and to-do list.

The app helps you accomplish right things at right time. It offers Evernote sync in a seamless manner. It also syncs with files, tags, and reminders in a very efficient manner. You can filter tasks and add or remove tasks from Evernote and to-do lists can be created very quickly. You can create Evernote tags quickly from the Gneo.

The Gneo comes with the language recognition system with which you can add reminders very quickly. The app has a light and clean interface. It supports location-based reminders. It will sync data with Evernote in a very efficient manner. The only drawback is that the app on available on iOS. It has no option to repeat tasks on weekdays only. The free mobile app will go a long way in changing the way you organize your day-to-day tasks.

If you are a power user, you can go for other apps which come with better features. The app allows you swipe, drag and tap so that there will great convenience adding new tasks. You can create lists and manage lists by setting reminders, alerts and notifications.

  1. Toodledo

Toodledo: To-do List App

Toodledo will let you manage tasks, notes and outlines in a very efficient way. If you would like to improve your productivity in personal or professional life, you should rely on this to-do list app. Various tasks can be memorized, listed and organized with the help of the to-do list app. This app is handy and you can access it anytime and from anywhere. You will also have access from the browser so that you can make the most of your time.

There are different productivity styles which can be adapted to make the most of your investment. The app is developed based on the GTD technology. You can manage the complexity very easily with the help of the app. The priority, start date, due date, length and status of the task can be tracked very easily with the help of the app.

You can assign a task to a folder or goal without any issues. There are audible popup alarms with which you will never forget the tasks. Some tasks are repetitive in nature and you will be able to manage them with the help of the app. You can schedule tasks as per their repetition. You can search and filter tasks in various ways and the workflow management will be very smooth.

Important tasks are available in ‘hot lists’. Important tasks are filled automatically based on the mathematical formula. You can back up the data securely and it is possible to sync the data across various devices. Long free-form notes can be stored in notebook section. By using hierarchical outlines, ideas can be organized in the best possible way. You can change your lifestyle by tracking the good habits while avoiding the bad habits. There are customizable templates with which you can share ideas with other users.

  1. Workflowy

Workflowy: To-do List App

Workflowy is a free Android mobile app with which you can organize tasks and execute them very easily. You can take notes and make lists with the help of the app. The app comes with the best design and it can resolve most of the issues effortlessly. You can create various kinds of lists for shopping, planning an event and other aspects with Workflowy.

There are nested lists which are helpful in associated related jobs and you can make the most of your investment. After creating lists, you can search items in the list with the easy search option. As soon as the items are completed, you can mark them. With the full offline functionality, you can manage the app without internet connection. The list items can be tagged and filtered as per your needs.

The Workflowy app allows automatic syncing with various devices such as a smartphone, tablet and laptop. You can work with team members in collaboration mode. The available items can be edited by tapping them. Workflowy is a very simple list-making app. If you install the free version, there is a limitation on the number of items. The maximum number of items is limited to 250 with the free version. However, you will get access to another 250 items with every month.

If you would like to customize the settings of Workflowy, you should go for the premium version. You can go for Pro membership by paying $49 per year or $4.99 per month. With the help of Pro membership, you can create as many lists as you want. It is also possible to backup your data on Dropbox. The lists that you share with others will be protected with the Pro version. The Workflowy interface will be like a page. You can create bulleted lists on the page. All the lists will be nested in one page.

New list or sublist can be created with each indent. By clicking on the parent bullet, you can create a focused view of your sublists. If you use the web app, you can use keyboard shortcuts also. You would love to use the Workflowy app because of the excellent design. If you are looking for a task management app, you can settle with Workflowy.


Nowadays, To-do List Apps is the popular tool people use to keep up with the mountain of tasks we often have in our personal and professional life. Hopefully, one of these top 10 To-do List Apps will meet your needs and taste. If you find this list helpful, please share it with others. Thanks!